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Le scaphandre et le papillon

Je viens de voir pour la première fois Le scaphandre et le papillon. Ce film raconte l’histoire vraie d’un homme atteint d’un locked-in syndrome, et qui ne peut plus communiquer qu’en clignant d’un oeil. Et malgré ce handicap, il parvient à écrire un livre entier, avec l’aide d’une « traductrice », qui utilise une technique mise au [...]

I tried git

It’s been a while that I wanted to try Git. At work, I’ve used CVS, Merant PVCS, MS SourceSafe and even the worst SCM ever conceived: Serena Dimensions. For the last few years, I’ve been using Subversion at work and at home, and it hasn’t been too hard. The only difficulties I’ve had with Subversion [...]

SQL strangeness

I’ve been caught several times on the same bug recently : some method takes a collection as argument, and must execute a SQL (actually, a Hibernate query) to find all foos having their ID in the given collection:

public List<Foo> findByIds(Set<Long> ids) {
String [...]

Cobertura on Google App Engine reloaded

In a previous article, I explained how to get the code coverage data generated by Cobertura, for integrations tests of an application deployed on Google App Engine.
Cobertura just released a new version (1.9.4), which is supposed to be up to 10 times faster (kudos for that), but is not backward compatible. I thus had to [...]

I18ning a Java web app

Internationalization (i18n in short) is a tedious task. You need to be meticulous, and to know enough about some foreign languages and cultures in order to avoid making bad assumptions.
A common mistake made by beginners is to use concatenation to format parameterized messages. It not only makes the process harder than necessary, but it also [...]

Cobertura on Google App Engine

A good web application should be tested, preferrably with automated integration tests. HtmlUnit is great to write these tests. Measuring the code coverage of these integration tests is as important in my opinion than measuring the code coverage of pure unit tests.
Cobertura is a great tool to measure it. Unfortunately, the usual and only documented [...]